Silverlight Reporting Sample Overview

This project, a unofficial project by Pete Brown of Microsoft, provides a a very basic framework for building simple, short, multi-page reports using Silverlight 5.

The intent is not to be an all-encompassing reporting solution, or a solution for large reports. Instead, this is a set of code you can build upon to create short (2-5 page) reports from your Silverlight applications.

Currently the sample consists of the full source code of a simple report writer. It includes:
  • automatic pagination
  • support for line items of varying height
  • total page count
  • templating
  • page headers and footers
  • report footer with support for calculated fields
  • events to allow hooking into printing at various stages

It does not include grouping, sections, cover pages, or other reporting tasks better suited to a more complete report writer.

Here's a sample, printed using the XPS print driver in Windows 7. Note the headers and footers, page numbering, variable-height rows etc.


Additional Information

For additional information on the two posts that created this project, see:

Creating a Simple Report Writer in Silverlight 4 - Pete Brown

Making Printing Easier in Silverlight 4

Silverlight 5 in Action

(chapter 31 is on printing and builds a simple report similar to the code here)

System Requirements

Requires Silverlight 4 and Visual Studio 2010.

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